Monday, September 15, 2014

I feel like it was yesterday since I last wrote a post - and it has been nearly a year. The time has just flown by - yet it has been a trying and stressful year. We did finally finish the basement after the flooding and it was looking really good. It was a very very hard winter - for us a nearly record snowfall and harsh temperatures plus winter didn't ease it's hold until late in May. My Azalea never did bloom as it was simply too cold for it. Hopefully it will bloom again next year.

The summer has been unusually cool which helped with the electric bill, but we didn't really have a summer. Early in the summer, my husband hurt his neck and arm and was unable to do anything for the pain. He couldn't even drive. So many things I normally do had to be set aside to care for him. Three doctors later we found one who could actually help him, but he said it would take 3 - 4 months. Here we are 3 1/2 months later and he is so much better - he can drive for extended periods of time, he can start the lawn mover and he can do other things he was unable to do in June. He is not completely back to where he was in May, but he is well on his way and I am so grateful.

We wanted to go to a could of reunions this summer and visit Gettysburg and Manassass but that was not possible this summer. We are planning a day trip to Chicago to visit our grandson and go to the museum - he wants to take his Grampa to the new U-boat exhibit. I'm not into tight enclosed spaces, so I will opt out and go for the doll house or the electric train display.

 I have completed a couple of quilts this year:

This is Sunbonnet Sue around the year and was a gift to my sister.

This is the Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt and was a gift to my Brother.

I am working on several others and hopefully will have more completed soon.