Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Lovely Day

Today was such a wonderful day - went to the Quilt Show in Geneseo with my friend and my granddaughter and we had such a great time.  Lots of beautiful quilts and great ideas for new quilts - and for additions to quilts that I'm planning.  Had lunch at the show and made it back in time to go dress shopping with my granddaughter for her dress for the homecoming dance.  I learned that she has excellent, elegant taste as opposed to some of the girls in there who went for the flashy, gaudy, revealing dresses that did nothing to flatter them.  We found a great dress and now I have to shorten it as she also got the short genes in the family.

I'm still working on my Block of the weeks and Block of the months,  and my row by row experience quilt.  I'm learning to quilt on the machine - not free motion quilting as I can't manage to do that at all well and it is too frustrating.


Loyal Union Sampler


Seminary Ridge
Vintage Farm Girl

Tractor - this was a much larger block and I resized it to 12 x 12

Kettle's on

Scrappy Strawberry


Autumn Star
I hope the weather holds for a few more weeks so I can get out and enjoy it - have many things on the calendar to do outside and would love nice weather for them.