Quilt Gallery

Lovely in Lavender - a queen sized quilt in lavender, purple green and white.
When completed it went to my daughter in law.

Cafe Au Lait - a wall hanging that will go to a family member

Card Tricks - This was made totally from my stash and was gifted to my Niece.

Anasazi Dreams - Quilt for my son's Birthday 

Midnight Lair - for my granddaughter who loves Wolves

Triple Rail 

Autumn Wall Hanging

Braided Garden

Prayer Quilt - given to a friend as a going away gift.

Winter Song - a small wall Hanging.

I Spy Quilt - for my grandaughter

Sunbonnet Sue around the calendar - for my Sister

Underground Railroad Quilt for my Brother

Spring Garden Quilt - went to a friend for her Birthday
Bugs N Stuff - A quilt for my Great Nephew

American Log Cabin - Found the almost completed blocks in a box when you cleaned up the basement.  took it and completed it.  Don't know yet what I will do with it.

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