Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Winter is upon us!

 We had our very first real winter storm of the season - with the Storm Warnings, the snow, the sleet and the icing on the cake was the freezing rain!!

Depending on exactly where you were you got from 3 to 12 inches of snow.  We got about three and then a heavy coating of ice.  Personally I would rather have just the snow or preferably just rain, but thankfully I don't have to go out today at all.  Took the trash out to the can earlier (just outside the garage door) and was thankful I didn't have to go any farther as it was covered in ice.  The plow did come down the road in the night so it is good and we could get out if we had too.  He will probably come back through again this afternoon and pass again.

I finished block 16 of my Bible Sampler Quilt.  The Story is Abraham and Sarah's Visitors, when they receive the visit from the Angel of the Lord and two angels to announce the pending birth of Isaac.  A meal is cooked and served to the visitors.  The story is in Genesis 18:1-8.

 The title of the block is Hearth and Home.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas to one and all.  It is a bit of a different Christmas around here as we have no family or friends visiting. No huge festive dinner in to oven and no gifts under the tree to distribute to one and all.  But none the less it is Christmas Morning, the celebration of the birth of Christ.  We did get to see our Grandson the other day.  He drove over from Chicago to visit each family member who lives on this end of the state.  He was alone, but at least we got to see him and spend some time with him.  The rest of the family, at least one person in the household has had COVID and I am not going to risk any chance on coming down with it.  Christmas doesn't need a crowd to be joyous - it just needs my joyous heart.

This week I made the 15th block in my Bible Sampler Quilt.  The Story is Beautiful Sarai from Genesis 12:8-12.  Abram, for some reason heads to Egypt, then at the last minute realizes that the Egyptians might kill him and take his beautiful wife, Sarai.  He tells her to say she is his sister to protect him.  But what about her - that lie makes her more vulnerable.  We just can't seem to learn to trust in God - This was God's plan for Abram to build a people and a country and he can't do it with Abram dead and Sarai a concubine of the Pharaoh.   At any rate - God intervenes and teaches Abram another lesson in trust and obedience.

The name of the block is Wonders of Egypt.  It was partially paper pieced with a lot of Y seams.  I think this is all preparing me for another quilt I'm working on that will have a LOT of Y seams. 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 14

 Block 14 of the Bible Sampler block is Bod Blesses Abram from Genesis 12:1-2.  God tells Abram to leave his home, country and family, and go to a new country that God would show him.  And God would bless him and make him a great nation. I don't know about you, but that would take a lot of faith and trust and God did reward Abram for it.  

The Block is called House.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Holiday Blues & Golds

 I have been fighting with myself over celebrating Christmas this year.  This is not my favorite time of year to begin with and the disaster of this entire year has made me even less inclined to "celebrate".  I was not planning on putting up the tree, or decorating at all.  We are not getting together with the family - I am immunocompromised and need to be very careful.  Most of my family is anti-mask and anti-taking precautions, so I just planned to hibernate.  

Then hubby got to talking about Christmas and we started planning out Christmas Dinner and decided on Fillet Mignon.  I have to go get lab work done tomorrow so I'm going to stop at a little old time butcher shop downtown and pick up two for Christmas.  I also will make my traditional Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast and my Cheesy Potatoes to go with the Fillets.  I'm thinking of a fruity salad to brighten up the plates.  

Then he started talking about what I wanted for Christmas.  Where did that come from - what I want for Christmas no one can give me.  A visit with my Great-Grand-Children, an end to the pandemic, another Christmas with my Dad, peace on earth, unity in our country, health, safety, Love, joy.  But then I realized that some of those at lease I have now, or will have one day - just not today - I have to have patience and Faith.  God has promised all these things to me by sending Jesus to bring me the greatest gift of all - Salvation!  So We put up the Christmas tree.  We will finish decorating it this afternoon  and I dug out the nativity that my Dad made for me nearly 50 years ago - so in a way he will be with me for Christmas.  Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday I'll set up my Christmas Village and hubby and I will enjoy some hot Chocolate and some Christmas music and pretend, and least for a few days, that life is normal and 2020 never existed.


Friday, December 11, 2020

A lovely day

 The last two days have been wonderful - warm (61) yesterday and sunny.  Couldn't ask for better days.  I got out and walked a bit and yesterday I met a friend out in the part for just some time together.  We normally spend a couple of days a week together - A quilt club, A quilt shop hop, Bible class, Sunday school, or just meet for coffee.  I hadn't seen her in a month.  We decided to forgo the quilt club because there were just too many people for us to deal with.  Quilt shop hops are out of the question and the Church is holding no meetings right now.  

So we met at the park and spent something over an hour just catching up on our lives in general.  Neither of us are planning much for Christmas.  With no Services at the church and our families not getting together it is rather a simple Christmas.  I've done no decorating beyond my usual Quilt wall hangings.

I did make a new 10" Christmas hanging for beside the door above the light switch..

I think hubby will want to put up the Christmas Village and I will get the nativity scene set up, but I think that is going to be the end of it.  This year has been a bummer handing out lemons all over the world, but we need to made lemonade or lemon pie with them and mover on.  I'm grateful that I have no place particular I have to be, I can stay home for 2 weeks in a row, not that I like it all that much but with no where to go it seems wiser and safer to just stay home.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 13

 Block 13 of The Bible Sampler Quilt is called Everlasting Promise based on Genesis 8:20 - 22.  The story of God's promise to never destroy the earth again by flood.  He set the rainbow in the sky so we would be reminded of his promise each time it appears.  

The name of the block is Night and Day - that is also part of the promise - night and day will continue until Christ comes again.

Sunday, December 6, 2020


 Yesterday was such a lovely day.  Warm enough for me to go out a walk for 20 minutes and it truly raised my spirits.  I have a difficult time in December - I guess I'm one of those Seasonal Affected Disorder people.  I take Vitamin D and it helps but I'm also not a real fan of the Holidays.  Especially the way we celebrate it with all the crazy rushing around wearing ourselves out wasting money buying presents that no one wants and would use for every Tom, Dick, Harry, Susan and Fido that we  ever knew.  I want things to be quieter, I don't care if I get any gifts, I just want my family to be healthy and happy, and I would love it if we could all be together this year - which will not happen for obvious reasons.  I would love to be able to attend the Christmas services at my church, but there will not be any this year for obvious reasons and I would like to have someone else do all the prep and clean-up work.  But since there will be no family celebration this year there won't be any.  I'm hanging in there but there are days when it is difficult for me especially at this time of the year.

Like I said it was a lovely day yesterday, I woke up to snow this morning - not a lot of snow, but snow none the less that was not predicted until about 15 minutes before it started.  It should melt off shortly as it is supposed to get into the 40's and I can take my walk later.  

You all know how much I love to read, and I have been reading a lot over the last few months..  I found several new authors that I really like and 1 or 2 that I will never read again.  One of the keepers is a series by Charles Veley - Sherlock and Lucy - The first one was the Last Moriarty.  The one I'll never read again was by Peggy Ehrhart.  The book was Silent Knit, Deadly Knit (Knit and Nibble Series)  It was just a boring book.  Almost no mystery progression, too much about what they were eating (toast and coffee for breakfast) the process of making coffee ad nauseum, what they were going to wear and the tag sales they went to, but nothing that worked you to solving the murder that they discovered in the first chapter.  I finally gave up and read they last chapter - the murderer was someone that I didn't remember even being in the story.  Come on!

At any rate I am working on about a dozen quilts but having hurt my shoulder by a partial dislocation and then continuing to use it without knowing why it was hurting - I ended up unable to use my right arm for over a month.  so needless to say things didn't get worked on.  I still can't use a rotary cutter but I can use the scissors so while it's slower I am making progress.  Paper Piecing is really conducive to using scissors so that it what I've been working with lately.    

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Bible Sampler Quilt Block 12

 The 12th block of the Bible Sampler Quilt is based on the Story Dry Land Appears from Genesis 8: 8-12, after the Flood that lasted close to 200 days - for us that is nearly 8 months - not including the forty days it rained.  Can you imagine 240 days stuck in the house with your parents, siblings, and their spouses for that long.  Well maybe some on you can with the pandemic quarantines!  Add all the animals into the mix and it would have been a difficult time - and you couldn't go out and walk down the road and take a drive in your car!

Imagine how exciting when the waters started to go down and they could actually see land in places.  I would have been doing a happy dance.

The name of the block is Dove in the Window   I paper-pieced the block so it wasn't too difficult to do  just two wide Y seams.  I'll be back next week for block 13.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Bible Quilt Block 11

 The 11th block in the Bible Sample Quilt is the story of the World Wide Flood taken from Genesis 8:1-7. We've had some pretty horrendous storms here and I loved through Hurricane Gloria back in the 1980's in New England so I do know about rain and wind and even Tornados but this storm took the cake.  Noah had to built an ark for his family to survive - him and all the life on earth.

This block is called Open Window.  Despite my aversion to diamonds and Y seams this block went together pretty easily.  

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 10

 Block 10 For the Bible Sampler Quilt is Noah and The Ark from Genesis 6:13-19.  The Story of how God Saved a remnant of his people from the destruction that came.  He has always promised a remnant of Believers will remain after any disaster.

The name of the block is Doors and Windows.  Basic squares - except they were very small!!  

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 09

 The Ninth block for my Bible Sampler Quilt is Leaving the Garden based on Genesis 3:20-24.  The Consequence of sin (wrong doing) is usually a loss.  I remember when I was a child I broke the house rules and needed to be punished - it was just before my birthday - so my mother cancelled my birthday party.  My birthday was ignored that year.  You best believe I was on my best behavior for every year after that around my birthday.  Adam and Eve lost so much more for their sin.  They lost their beautiful home, their close intimate relationship with God and they were going to suffer pain and loss for their lives.  I don't like the consequences of my actions, but there are the direct result of disobeying God's Law.  But Praise God that he sent his son to pay my debt and save me from my sin.

Title of the block is Mother's Favorite.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veteran's Day Family Tribute

 On this Veterans Day I wanted to pay homage to and Thank all the members of my family how have served and are serving in the armed forced for our country.  

First on the list is my Grandfather William Edmond Doutt.  He was 17 when he joined the Army in 1898 to serve in the Spanish American War.  He served in Puerto Rico as a Wagon Driver until he was severely injured and spent 6 month in the Hospital in San Juan.  He married my Grandmother in 1899 and they had 11 Children.  

Next is my Brother David.  He served in the Air Force during the 60 as an Airframe Mechanic.  

My husband, David, served in the Airforce as an electronic technician during the late 60's and early 70's.  We were married when he got back stateside.

My Brother Wayne and his Wife Sharyn both served in the Army during the late 1980's and early 1990's  both were sent to the first Gulf War.  They married while they were in the Army and were stationed around the world.

My Nephew Matthew Served in the Army in the 2010's and is now Going to College.

My Grandson Trevor is currently serving with the Marines.  We are very proud of him.

Thank you to all of you for your service and your sacrifices of time and talent to keep us all safe.    

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 08

 Block Number 8 in my Bible Sampler Quilt is The Curse.  This is taken from Genesis 3:10-13, 16-19.  It is the result of the disobedience.  We all have to suffer the consequences of our actions - even though there are those who would like to do away with consequences - it cannot be done.  We have to live with them for the rest of our earthly life.  Jesus takes away the eternal punishment when you accept Him as your Lord and Savior, but that does not remove the consequence of your actions in this life.  

The other name for this block is Adam's Refuge.  More Y seams which I'm thankfully getting better at!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 07

 The Seventh Block of the Bible Sampler Quilt is Adam and Eve disobey.  It was a pretty basic block - 4 patches and V- blocks.  I used a V-block tool to get those blocks more or less correct.  The Bible Reference is Genesis 3:7-9

Name of the actual block is Garden Walk.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 06

 Block 6 of the Bible Sampler Quilt is The Garden of Eden.  I have made this block several times for other quilts and there is nothing earthshattering in it.  It is 4 Squares in a Square and Sashing between  it was an easy break for a couple of other ones I've done

Scripture for this block is Genesis 2:15-18, 21-23.  The Block is actually titled Garden of Eden.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 5

 Block Number 5 for my Bible Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird is The Tree of Life.  I have made several Tree of Life Blocks the most difficult being on my Women of the Bible Quilt found Here  I was pleased that this one was a lot easier.  

The scripture reference for this block is Genesis 2:3-10.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 4

 Today I completed by 4th block for my Bible Sampler Quilt titled Man in the Image of God.  It was one of the more difficult blocks I have ever done.  It had multiple Y-seams and lots of small pieces.  It took me two days to complete it, but I learned a lot about it.   

The Block is Actually called Fishes and the Scripture Reference is Genesis 1:24-28.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 03

 I'm into my third week of the Bible Sampler Quilt and this block thankfully is not a challenge - I had a break.  It is 5 Half Square Triangles which I made using a square-up ruler.  Cut them slightly bigger and cut them down to size.  They always come out the perfect size and fit together just as they should.  

This block is titled Birds and Sea Creatures and is from Genesis 1:20-23.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 2

 As Social Distancing and I am continuing to stay at home, I have gotten a lot of quilting done - not a lot of housework or yard work, but a lot of quilting.  So I am continuing my personal block of the week from Laurie Aaron Hind's book Bible Sampler Quilt.  This week I did Block 2, Night and Day - Genesis 1:5-8.

This block was a challenge as I am - in additional to being diamond challenged - I have a Y-stitch aversion.  So this was interesting to say the least.  I used templates, some paper piecing and just plain dogged stubbornness an got it together.  

Monday, September 14, 2020

Bible Sampler Block 1

 I decided since there seems to be no end in sight for this pandemic and I am not joining any more BOMs in the foreseeable future I would pull out a quilt book I bought several years ago and do it as a Block of the Week.  It is The Bible Sampler Quilt by  Laurie Aaron Hird.  I've worked on a couple of her other quilts and read one or two of the books but this one is special to me.  So once a week I will be posting the new block I've made along with the Bible reference for it.

Today's block is In The Beginning, Genesis 1: 1-4

The other name for this block is Heavenly Puzzle - and such an apt block to picture God putting the Universe together according to His plan.  I used the paper piecing method to do this block as I am not very good with diamond shaped pieces.  I would have used the V-block tool but the corners are not true V-blocks so paper piecing was my best choice.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Derecho

 For those of you who don't know what a Derecho is - it is basically a wind storm usually coming out of a thunderstorm but it is not a tornado.  These are straight line winds that can top 100 miles an hour - basically hurricane force winds but there is little or no changing direction with them.  We had one back in 2008 - Check Here for Pictures - we thankfully didn't take any damage but our power was out for 4 days.  This time the power was out about 12 hours but our cell service was out - apparently a tower out in Iowa went down and it was a domino effect that took out the towers for that provider.  We don't seem to realize how dependent we've become on Electricity and communications and when things don't work we are totally lost.  

The parts of the tree the wind took down

This branch of the tree embedded itself in the ground,  narrowly missing the siding and the basement window.  


It was quiet and cooler today - but the heat will be back tomorrow.  Will be working of a couple of quilts that I want to get completed.  Was working on the last borders of one when the storm hit yesterday.  

One more set of National Day Quilt blocks
National Kitten Day July 10
National Paper Bag Day July 12
National Lollipop Day July 20
National Pennsylvania Day - July 20

I was born and spent my first 17 years in Pennsylvania so I just had to include that day in my quilt.  I also added the little tiny town where I lived then.  

I have been doing a lot of reading this past 6 months.  Some of my reads include 

Skeleton Coast & Dark Watch by Clive Cussler
Patchwork Connections by Carol Dean Jones
Walk the Wire by David Baldacci
Dangerous Minds by Janet Evanovich
Ties that Bind by Marie Bostwich
Close Up by Amanda Quick
The Spy Mistress by Jennifer Chiaverini
The Corpse Wore Tartan by Kaitlyn Dunnett

Plus several more by Clive Cussler, Carol Dean Jones, Janet Evanovich and Marie Bostwich.  There are some more but my mind has gone blank on them.  My complete listing of books I have read starts Here I am addicted to reading and Quilting so the list is long.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

New Month - nothing new

I don't know where the time has gone.  I seems like the days drag by with no where to go and nothing much to do, but all of a sudden the month is over and we have started a new one.  But then I look back and I really did get a lot of things done, it just doesn't seem like it at the time.  I've been working on several UFO's from as much as 10 years ago.  Just started 2 new quilts, one for my husband and one for my granddaughter, and still working on my National Day Quilt.  

Went out to do some Letterboxing the other day.  It was a beautiful day, sunny, not too hot and perfect for getting out.  Went to riverside cemetery to look for two Letterboxes and took my camera thinking I would do a little photo shoot while I was there.  Well I couldn't find the Letterboxes - that's ok - frequently the boxes have gone missing or I miss read the directions.  So I decided to take some pictures and found I forgot to replace the dead battery in my camera.  But it was not a total loss - I got out of the neighborhood, without having a Drs appointment, got some fresh air and sunshine and some exercise to boot.  

I have been designing my own National Day blocks and have been having a lot of fun doing it.  I don't of course do all the days - just the ones that interest me and I can think of a block to depict it.  

This group of blocks is from June
National Train Day June 10
National Egg Day June 3
National Donald Duck Day June 9
National Camera Day June 29

This group of blocks is from July
National Teddy Bear Picnic Day July 10
National Yellow Pig Day July 12
National Thread the Needle Day July 25
Independence Day July 4

I've completed two Quilts of Valor and an Old UFO from 8 or 10 years ago that I titled Hearts and Flowers.  It was stuck in a drawer partially quilted and basically forgotten.  It is now finished and probably will go in the charity quilt pile.  

Hearts and Flowers completed July 2020

This was a Thimbleberries quilt from years ago - I'm just so glad it is done and out of the sewing room.  

We did get the floor in the bedroom finished - it looks so beautiful I'll post a picture when we get the baseboard up.  We have hung the two doors but don't have the casings in yet so there is still a lot of work to do - but it looks soooooo much better.  

Got to go get the pizza dough started for dinner.  

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Back to Staying Home

Although I didn't go out much in June, and they did move to Phase 4 on the 26th, I've pretty much stayed in.  Went to lunch on Patio's twice and a couple of small local stores.  My big risky adventure was going to Menards with hubby to pick out the flooring for the bedroom.  Wasn't happy about going but everyone had to wear masks and I stayed away from most everyone. 

The carpet in the bedroom was 45 years old and in desperate need of a makeover - so we tore it out and scraped up the foam backing and as much of the glue as we could get.  Started laying the laminate today and I'm really pleased with the way it looks. 

First 4 runs of the new laminate flooring
It will take us a little while - it is a decent sized room and we want it done right.  This is the 4th floor we have done - one of them 19 years ago and it is still in great shape. 

Mainly I have been working on my quilting and sewing.  Spend a lot of time in the sewing room.  Still making new blocks for my National Day Quilt. Although Kelli hasn't posted a new one in two weeks and the last one was from April Fools Day - I continue to do the ones she posts if I haven't already made one of my own design. 

My latest ones that I have photographed are all from June:
Gone Fishing Day
Red Rose Day
Sewing Machine Day
Flag day
I have 6 more made - but either not quilted and/or not photographed yet. 

I've been working on a Quilt of Valor, a quilt called Stars Around the Garden which was an old Block of the Month that I never got finished, a Fall Panel kit I found on a Quilt Shop Hop and a Nativity panel I've had for years.  I also got the backing for my Circles of life quilt and have it ready to sandwich - will hopefully get that done tomorrow. 

I've also been making quilted cards to send to friends and family through all of this mess.  I've found I really enjoy making them. 

They are colorful, different and Unique - no one else is going to send a birthday, thinking of you , anniversary, get well or sympathy card quite like these ones. 

It sounds like it is going to storm again so I'd better shut this down for now.  Hope all is well. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I'm excited

I am so excited!!  I actually finished the piecing on my Circles of Life quilt top.  I bought the pattern about 10 years ago and started working on it.  It is paper pieced and rather tedious with rainbow colors and small pieces and eventually it ended up on the UFO pile as other things came up that seemed more important.  During this Quarantine I decided to pull it out and work on it.  I was determined to get the top completed.  After the first day of working on it I was fully aware of why it had gone in the UFO pile in the first place - but I was determined, and I finished it!!

Circles of Life
While I love the quilt and look forward to getting at the quilting - I will NEVER attempt another one.  It was an interesting challenge but I think now I will move on the another challenge - like the Mariner's Star UFO that is sitting in it's own tub - then again maybe something simpler. 

I have in the mean time been working on other projects like my National Days quilt blocks:

These are Memorial Day May 30
National Maritime Day May 22
Mother's Day 2nd Sunday of May
National Prayer Day 1st Friday of May

These are Nation Nap Day March 9
National Let's Laugh Day March 19
National Little Red Wagon Day March 25
National Pencil Day March 30
 This has been such a fun project, I'm looking forward to more of them.

I continue to make the cards - July has many family birthdays so I may be really busy with just cards. 
This is one I made for a family birthday this month.

It also helps with the getting a lot of sewing done that it has been rainy and cold.  The other morning I woke up to This:

It was dark, gloomy and pouring rain.  The water was flooded over the road and running down between the houses - it had overwhelmed the underground drainage tiles.  We've had a few really nice days, but now it is pouring rain again.  I know that in a couple of weeks we will be complaining that it is dry and the farmers will be whining that we need rain.  It is either feast or famine in the Mid-West.

I'm planning on going out to lunch for the first time since early March.  Of course we can't eat indoors - we have to do phone ordering and curbside pick-up but we can eat on the dining patio.  But at least we can get out and do something fun.

I continue to read - a lot:
Tie Died by Carol Dean Jones
A Wee Christmas Homicide by Kaitlyn Dunnett
Prologue to Murder by Lauren Ellis
The Corpse wore Tartan by Kaitlyn Dunnett 
Corsair by Clive Cussler

As you can see I've been enjoying Kaitlyn Dunnett's Series and I love Clive Cussler.  Carol Dean Jones in a new one - she is writing a Quilting series and I enjoyed the first one so I will try another one.  

Hope all are well and happy.  Remember to treat others and you want to be treated, think before you speak and consider the consequences before you act.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Stay At Home Order Lifted

Our Stay at Home Order was lifted Yesterday but there were still 1462 new cases in the state and 61 deaths - It really doesn't sound like it is over.  Yes it is better than the 4400 or so cases in one day a couple of weeks ago, but that is still a lot of people.  Yesterday people were mobbing the streets and stores in the cities, I was waiting to hear about fights breaking out.  Yes we do have more available ICU beds and the hospitals aren't slammed in the cities, but that could change quickly - it has in other cities that came out of quarantine too soon.  The problem is we won't know for a couple of weeks if it was too soon or not.  I understand that people need to go to work.  But they don't need to fill the little Boutique down on Main Street and /or wait outside with 500 other people for the chance to go into the store.  I will go to the grocery store (hubby has been doing it), I will help him pick out the new flooring for the bedroom next week when things settle down and I may even be able to go to my quilt club - there are usually less than 6 or 7 people there.  But I'm not going to the Mall or Target or any other large place with lots of people for a few more weeks.

I am grateful that I live in "fly-over" country - out here nearly in the middle of nowhere. Our county has 2 towns that qualify as small towns - several villages and some residential areas - ours has 120 homes or less that 500 people total.  I see my neighbors occasionally when they are out walking - talk to them over the back fence at a slight distance or, like yesterday, Laura came out to go for a walk and I had picked up the mail so we talked at the end of the driveway at a slight distance for 20 minutes.  It was pleasant.  She still works but is getting ready to retire - maybe we can become friends rather than just neighbors.  But our county has been sitting at 65 or so cases for that last 10 days to 2 weeks.  That is what I call an improvement and we probably should have been off quarantine 2 weeks ago.  But because Chicago and they Metropolitan area are still having serious problems, the entire state was kept on lockdown.  I could continue a rant about Chicago - but I will be nice and say - I do understand the problems they have - but we don't have them out here in the hinterlands

We will not be able to return to Church services until at least the first of July when maybe the limit for the number of people will be raised to 50 - with 2 services that would work.  They talk about having outdoor services - have they ever actually lived in Illinois?  It is a beautiful day today - sunny - about 70 - a perfect spring day.  About the 3rd one we've had this year.  It rains at the drop of a hat - or the wind blows at 50 knots or it is cloudy and chilly or it has turn on the heat at it is 98 with 90% humidity.  Outside church is not predictable.

I have been keeping myself busy with my quilting.  I'm teaching myself Free-Motion quilting.  The most difficult part is coordinating your speed and your hand motion to get an even stitch and then to keep the movement steady so your quilting lines aren't crooked.  I've been dragging out some old quilt tops that got stashed away and practicing on them.  I'm getting the knack.  Maybe one of these days I will be proficient.

So I'd better get back to that practicing!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Living under Stay at Home Order Part 6

It has now been 9 weeks since I have been out to do more than go to the Doctor's, the Pharmacy and do a curbside pick up at the fabric store.  I would love to get back to my life, but I don't really see that happening any time soon.  I'm learning to be content in where I am and what I have.  I want to go to Church and quilt guild and out to lunch with my granddaughters and my daughter and daughter-in-law, but that is not going to happen.  Even with the restaurants opening in Iowa I don't want to go out like that.  With my immune system and my other underlying issues, I just can't risk it just yet.  I know I live in an area that isn't too hard hit, but it is still out there for now.  So I will stay home, work on my projects and do some new recipes and help my husband when I can.

We had plans to go on a trip to two National Parks for our 50th Anniversary on the 9th, but that of course did not happen.  Now we are making plans for when things are safer.  He wants to go to Bryce and Zion - which I do want to see, but I want to go to Olympic and visit my Niece in Oregon.  We will probably go to Bryce and Zion as we went to my choices last year - Glacier and the Badlands.  I'm just looking forward to the trip - it might not happen until our next Anniversary, but it will happen!!

My birthday was just last Saturday - we didn't do anything.  my daughter and granddaughter came out on Sunday to bring me gifts and we sat out on the front deck and talked.  It was wonderful just to see them.  I haven't seen either for them in over 3 months and they only live about 15 miles away. 

My little great-granddaughter had her first birthday on Friday and it was a Quarantine party that no one was invited too.  It was so funny and adorable.  We got pictures and a video to watch.  Not as good as being able to be there, but much better than nothing.

I have been making greeting cards for friends and family.  Paper-pieced fronts and just greetings on the inside - some are note cards, some are birthday cards, some are thank you cards and one was a sympathy card.  Some I designed myself and some are from patterns - it all keeps me busy.


There is also the Mug Rugs I made - some of my own design - for my daughter as she and her family loved the ones I make for Christmas a year and a half ago.  I love making them and they are fun and easy to do.

I'm still working on my National day quilt - These are mostly my own designs for the days - National Earth Day, National Tax day, National Audubon Day and Nation Arbor Day.  I have 6 more that need to be quilted which will bring me to the end of May.  Then I need to think about June's National Days.

The last project I have completed is my Quarantine Door hanging.  Most of the people in my neighborhood have been putting colored paper hearts on their windows as a sign of hope and to thank and support those on the front lines. I didn't have any colored paper - I gave it all to the church so I had to think outside the box - or inside my fabric stash. This is my Hope Quarantine Door Hanging.

I also completed a challenge project from my favorite Quilt shop - The Quilt box - in Kewanee.  Hence the drive by to the quilt shop - of course I had to place an order to pick up while I was there.  I forgot to take a picture so I will do that and post it later.

I dragged out a quilt top I started 10 years ago called Circles of Life.  It is a Paper-pieced rainbow quilt.  I quickly figured out why I had pack it away to years ago - but I am determined to finish it now.  I'm on the home stretch with it and "should" have the top finished by at least the middle of June - I'm not saying which year - just by the middle of June!!

 it has done nothing but rain here in May.  We have had nearly 4 inches of rain in the last 5 days.  The Rock River is in flood, the farm fields have huge puddles of water where they aren't flooded and our sumps are running a lot.  There really is no end in sight - it wasn't supposed to rain today - but guess what - it did.  We had some sunshine on Sunday while the girls and I sat on the deck (thankfully it didn't rain while they were here) and it felt so good to see it break through the clouds.  I know in another month we will be dying of the heat and wishing for some rain - but that is a month or more away!!

Today I'm catching up on my sleep, and some computer time and I will get back to my quilting studio tomorrow.  Not cooking tonight - eggs and toast for dinner sounds good enough.  

Latest Reading list:
Twisted Twenty-Six by Janet Evonavich
Kilt Dead by Kaitlyn Dunnett
Posidon's Arrow by Clive Cussler
Scone Cold Dead by Kaitlyn Dunnett
Back Fire by Catherine Coulter
A Thread of Truth by Marie Boswick

Friday, April 24, 2020

Living under Stay at Home Order Part 5

There are days when everything seems relatively normal and there are days when I feel like the entire world has fallen apart and nothing will ever be normal again.  I usually recover from that fairly quickly.  But I haven's been out to do my regular things - quilt clubs, aerobics, Quilt shop hops, lunch with my granddaughter and friends, quilt shows, church, Bible Study all the things that gave my live routine.  Now I have trouble remembering what day it is and even what time it is.  That is the hardest part is the lack of the usual routine.

I am managing  the last few days have been really nice and we did get all the yard work caught up, and also got both decks scrubbed down.  Yesterday we went for a walk down to the creek.  I was surprised that I could easily walk that far.  Since my knee surgery I have had trouble walking distances - but I guess cleaning the yard and scrubbing decks helps!!  I did find some wonderful flowers while I was out. 

The Violets brought back so many memories from when I was a girl.  We lived in an very rural setting and there were woods behind our house.  Every spring the floor of the wooded hillside looked like this.  I would spend hours picking violets and brought home large bouquets to my Mom.  Those were really good memories.

Another sure sign that the world is continuing to move forward are these gorgeous Daffodils from my neighbor's yard - actually they were closer to the ditch by the road - but it doesn't make them any less beautiful and  sign of hope.

I never saw Virginia Bluebells until I moved here - and I used to live a lot closer to Virginia than I do now!!  I think it's just a name.  I love the fact that the buds are pink - a beautiful shade of deep rose pink, but when they bloom they are this lovely blue.  I haven't seen any bluebells for a few years, but the entire hillside was covered yesterday when we walked by the creek. 

I'm still working on my quilting projects, Hue is coming along - I have the center medallion about half quilted and I am finished with the National Day blocks for April - not photographed yet but I will get around to it soon. 

Made more note cards, most of these ones have been sent out also,  want to get a couple more make and then I will have to order some more card bases as I only have about 3 more.  I'll work up an order - there are other things I'll be needing but nothing really urgent.  We are actually hanging in there fairly well.  Hubby does the shopping for groceries - I don't go anywhere - I'm at a much higher risk than he is although his risk factor is up there, but he's being careful and we are trying to eat well and take care of ourselves.  The Governor just put us on Lock Down for an additional 30 days - until the end of May. 

Talked to my daughter yesterday and we decided to hold a huge family Birthday/Anniversary/graduation/Mother's Day/Easter/and possibly 4th of July party when this is all over.  Since this started and before it ends (if it ends on May 30) we have 5 birthdays, 2 anniversaries and 1 graduation in the family.  One of those birthdays is a most important 1st birthday!!