Thursday, August 13, 2015

More BOM's Finished

My goodness - between broken dryers, hacked Debit cards, and bridge closures, we really needed the power to 1/2 the kitchen and 1/2 of the bathroom to go out - including the refrigerator.  We finally figured out what the problem was and got it repaired, but moving appliances and nearly laying on the floor to get to the plug was  exhausting - in addition to cleaning out under the refrigerator.  It is amazing to me how all that stuff gets under there - I mean there just isn't that much space under there!!  Anyway - the dryer has been delivered and is perfect - the debit card has been taken care of and the electricity is repaired - I can't do anything about the bridge except avoid it as much as possible - yeah right!!  my kids and grandkids all live across that bridge - I won't go two years without seeing them.

Anyway I have completed several blocks for several BOM Projects.

Loyal Union Soldiers:




Farm Girl Vintage - last block for August Meeting:

Baking Day

Baby Chick

From my Row X Row Experience

Expressions in Threads, LeClaire, IA

The Quilt Basket, Kewanee IL

Quilting in the Valley, La Salle, IL
I also Completed August's SunBonnet Sue around the Year.  She turns out so Cute.  I've heard people say that she freaks them out, but I think she's adorable

August SunBonnet Sue at the Beach

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Day Like no Other

I had so many plans for yesterday - but none of them came to pass!!  It all started the day before when my dryer wouldn't work properly - mainly the clothes wouldn't dry.  Then I get a call from Shazam saying I had some questionable charges on my card - from Florida of all places.  So yesterday I had to deal with the fraud paperwork at the bank, finding a way to pay for my prescriptions without a debit card - and we had to buy a new dryer.

We went to Lowe's - but our local Lowe's only carries gas dryers and I don't like gas dryers so we had to drive over the river to Iowa where that Lowe's carries only electric dryers.  No my dryers has been down for 3 days and we are running out of things like towels and underware - but can we get next day delivery like they "promise" - NO of course not - we can't get delivery until Monday!!  Oh but we can take it with us - right - in our Mustang coupe - not going to happen - in addition I want them to take away the old dryer.

Well you could hang the clothes outside to dry you say - NOT!  I have no lines in the yard - I have no clothes pins and I am not about to buy all of that so I can hang out a few loads of clothes and never use them again.

The mess with the debit card is - hopefully - all sorted out - but I still can't get access to my account online so I don't know what is going on there.  It's frustrating.

Oh Well enough of the rant!!  I did get another Farm Girl Vintage Block by Lori Holt finished.  It is Canning Day Block

I love these blocks - they go together so smoothly and come out nearly exactly the size they are supposed to be.  It is so amazing to me who has trouble with the 1/4 seam thing even when I use the foot and/or measure and mark the line.  I usually end up cutting the pieces about 1/16 to 1/32 inch larger than they are supposed to be to get them to come out right - but so far these ones have been good.

I'm also working on the Craftsy 2015 Block of the Month.  Some of these have been a real challenge, but I'm plugging along and slowly getting them done. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Row x row beginning

A friend and I decided to participate in the National (make the International) Quilt Shop Hop this year.  It is called The Row By Row Experience. There are hundreds of shops participating in all 50 states and Canada.  You visit the quilt shop and get a pattern - or a kit if you choose to buy one - for a 36 x 9 inch row for a quilt.  You then put at least 8 of them together to make a quilt and if you are the first to turn it in to a quilt shop - you win a prize.  I wasn't doing it for a prize - and it continues until September 8th - I am doing it for the fun.  So far we have visited about 20 shops and I have been working on the rows.

I'll post them as I get them completed and photographed.

This one is from Clinton, Iowa, the Keeping you Sewing Shop the title is Keeping you Rowing and Sewing.

This one is from Shelbina, Missouri, titled Sea Turtles.

All the rows have to have a water theme - some are very intricate and others are fairly easy.  I'm looking forward to doing more of them.

Today was very hot and very humid - another heat warning day.  Then tonight we had some severe Thunder storms.  Thankfully none of them had high winds or tornadoes, but there was lots of thunder, lighting, rain and hail.  All of which brought our granddaughter out of her bedroom and into a nest on the living room floor with us - she is afraid of thunder - loves the lighting.  But now the storms are over and she's back in the bedroom with her smart phone - or more likely she's asleep.