Thursday, August 23, 2018

It's a new world!!

Well, It will be a new world for me soon.  So many things are happening.  I had to have cataract surgery a week ago Tuesday - and another one next Tuesday.  Seeing is a bit difficult right now - but surprisingly - out of my left eye - I can see pretty well - which only makes the right eye seem worse!!  By this time next week I will have a bright new world. 

I have finally completed a couple of things.  After my disaster last year, not a lot got done.  But the other day I made a pattern for and made a vinyl lined bag for when I am able to return to water aerobics. 
I still need to make a couple of drawstring bags to put in it for my shower gel and sundry things - just procrastinating on that. 

I also just finished a quilt.  I quilted it on my domestic machine in a version of quilt as you go that I worked out myself. 
I've called it Stars on the Prairie.  It started life as a BOM but there were some things I didn't care for so I redid them to my liking.  It is 90" x 90".  I know it will be gifted to someone, I just don't know who yet.

Working on the pattern for our Lydia Circle Guilds new BOM for this year.  Have the quilt designed, just need to get the first month's pattern together.  It's called Life's Journey. 

Well I need to get some things accomplished so be ready for my eye surgery next week.