Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Living under Stay At Home Order 2

It has been over a week for us now and we are still at home.  Not complaining  - been getting a lot of sewing done.  Trying to finish a Comfort Quilt but I seem to be missing some of the Half Square Triangles that I need - guess I need to "clean" the sewing room and see if I can find them.

We went for a walk today - it was sunny for the first time in literally weeks and the temperature was in the low 60's so it was perfect.  There was not a car on our road the entire time we were out - so very unusual, almost like when we first moved here and we were the last house on the road.  Believe me we are not the last house on the road anymore.

Been listening to Marie Bostwick in the mornings for the last few days reading a couple of chapters a day from one of her books.  It is so much fun, it is a book I hadn't read yet although I have read one of the others in the series so that makes it even more fun.

Had more appointments cancelled.  My Massage Therapy office has been closed by the state and hubby's cardiologist called today and postponed his appointment.  He is fine but the Doctor has to keep an eye on his heart.  We don't want to go through that again anytime soon.

Still working on my National Days Quilt. These are the ones I finished Quilting and labeling today.

National Sock Day
National Hard Candy Day
National Marching Music Day
National Dress Day
Looking for some good basic recipes for dinners.  I really don't want to have to go to the grocery store, I still have some meat and staples so I'm not planning on going for a few more days.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Living under Stay at Home Order - 1

I Have been home for almost a week now - since last Tuesday March 17.  I did go to the grocery store very quickly and returned home.  Have no real reason to go out again for another week.  Been getting a lot of sewing done - in another week I should have at least 3 completed projects to post.  They are all much further along than they were a week ago.  Been doing some reading, listening to quilting videos, cleaning house and helping hubby scan his parents slide collection.  Since I want to go to the store as little as possible, I've been cleaning out all those "planned overs" out of the freezer.  Some of them have turned out to be really good and I have no recollection of when I made them originally.  It's amazing what you can do when you really need to.

I would love to go out to walk at least but it has been cold, raining or both.  Then last night it SNOWED!  The buds are out on the Maple trees and it Snowed.

I mean come on!!  After this crazy winter and some 60 degree temps did we really need more snow.  The poor Robins are wondering around in a daze - like what hit them.  The squirrels in my front tree are having a blast.  There were three of them playing out there this morning but I was too lazy to change lens on the camera and walk out on the slippery porch to try to get a picture so I just watched from the window and enjoyed the show. 

Yesterday I finished my National Quilt day block and today I'm making a National Puppy Day block for my national days quilt.  I may end up with two or three quilts but that is ok - it's diminishing my scraps and stash and they are so much fun to do. 

Have a great day today.

Friday, March 20, 2020

My New Normal!

I've been staying home and avoiding people since Tuesday afternoon.  Had a Doctor's appoint that I couldn't miss.  My Quilt clubs have been postponed, Church and all it's activities have been cancelled, the schools and library are closed, the bank lobby is closed and I can't take my granddaughter out for lunch on her birthday today as all the restaurants are closed.

But on the bright side, I've been catching up on my sewing and quilting.  My plan is to clear the chair and table of half-done quilts and get them off to the groups they are slated for when this is all over.  We've actually started really cleaning the house - it is amazing how much better a room looks when you clear out what doesn't belong there and dust and sweep - wow we found the top of the dresser!!

When the weather clears and it quits raining - I plan on a morning walk for some fresh air and sunshine, since I live in the country the chances of running into a crowd of people is vanishing small. 

I did complete a quilt the other day - it is from a panel that someone gave me years ago.  Then we had a pipe freeze and burst flooding part of my sewing room.  Almost everything was in plastic tubs, but there was one crate that was an open weave - so about 2/3 of that got wet.  After a run through the dryer, and the nightmare of having to iron all that fabric - most of it was less that 1/4 yard.  I found 3 pieces that would make perfect borders and binding for this panel.  This accomplished 2 things - it got that fabric out of my stash and it will bring comfort to someone in need. 

I'm also still working on my National Day Quilt. 

National Dog Biscuit Day
National Pig Day
National Strawberry Day
National Periodic Table Day
I've actually texted with 3 of my grandchildren yesterday - They must be bored too - I'm usually lucky to hear from one of them in a week, but I'm not complaining - it was great to talk to them. 

I've been getting more reading done 
Alibi by Ellen Enright Hodgett
A Puzzling Murder by Steve Demaree
and I'm reading A Minute to Midnight by David Baldecci  He is one of my most favorite authors.
on my list is a Susanna Gregory medieval mystery, a Charlotte MacLeod mystery, A Phyllis Whitney Mystery and a Patricia Wentworth mystery.  Looking forward to them.  I am so grateful for my library where I can download books onto my tablet to read and I don't have to go to the store.  I also don't have to worry about having to take them back.

I'm working on a paper-piecing lesson for my group of quilters at church.  Hopefully we will be able to have our meeting in April, but it can wait until May or even June.

Praying for a lovely day for all. 

Friday, March 13, 2020

Spring has come!?

Spring has come - or is it our False Spring or our Teasing Spring or is it really Spring.  At any rate the Robins are back, the birds are singing their hearts out from the trees in the neighborhood and the sun is shining - well sometimes.  Yesterday it was foggy damp and cold, and on Tuesday it poured rain all day and was pretty chilly - but at least it wasn't ice and snow and the robins and other birds were still around and making merry music! 

Yesterday I went to my Thursday Quilting club and we had a little quilt show of the quilts we made a year or so ago.  We all used the same basic pattern but each chose a different colorway and each one had something that the maker changed - a border - a different block or something.  Each one was unique and it was amazing how different each one looked. 

This was my entry - called Autumn Stars - It was very well received - I think because of the sharp contrast with the background - it made everything pop out.  I'm pleased with the results.  

I'm still working on my National Days/Months blocks.  this is really fun project  If you would like to join in - the National Days Tutorials are at I think it needs stitches Blog.
National Gingerbread House Day
National Tea Month (January)
National Heart Healthy Month (February)
National Umbrella Day

National Groundhog Day
Mickey Mouse Birthday
National Cake Day
Valentine's Day

National Handwriting Day
National Flashlight Day
National Cupcake Day
National Necktie Month (December)
I will be teaching a class on paper piecing in a few weeks and I really need to get busy on my lesson plan and my sample - I have it started but the most difficult part is actually sitting down and doing it.  I want to get on that today.  I also have a couple of quilts to finish for the Quilts of Compassion drive for those affected my the Tornado in Tennessee.  Check out their Facebook Page HERE.

I am an avid reader, from Dr Seuss to David Baldecci to Jane Austen  Occasionally I find one I don't like and there are certain types of books I won't read - but I love books - too many books and not enough hours to read them.

I rediscovered Charlotte McLeod  I loved her in the past and have started reading her again - it is as much fun as it was the first time around.  So far I've read
The Family Vault - A Sarah Kelling & Max Bittershon Mystery
God Rest Ye Merry  - A Peter Shandy Mystery
Others include:
One Good Deed by David Baldecci
Tucan Keep a Secret - Donna Andrews
Pirates in Peril and Matrimony & Murder by Hope Callaghan