Sunday, August 2, 2015

Row x row beginning

A friend and I decided to participate in the National (make the International) Quilt Shop Hop this year.  It is called The Row By Row Experience. There are hundreds of shops participating in all 50 states and Canada.  You visit the quilt shop and get a pattern - or a kit if you choose to buy one - for a 36 x 9 inch row for a quilt.  You then put at least 8 of them together to make a quilt and if you are the first to turn it in to a quilt shop - you win a prize.  I wasn't doing it for a prize - and it continues until September 8th - I am doing it for the fun.  So far we have visited about 20 shops and I have been working on the rows.

I'll post them as I get them completed and photographed.

This one is from Clinton, Iowa, the Keeping you Sewing Shop the title is Keeping you Rowing and Sewing.

This one is from Shelbina, Missouri, titled Sea Turtles.

All the rows have to have a water theme - some are very intricate and others are fairly easy.  I'm looking forward to doing more of them.

Today was very hot and very humid - another heat warning day.  Then tonight we had some severe Thunder storms.  Thankfully none of them had high winds or tornadoes, but there was lots of thunder, lighting, rain and hail.  All of which brought our granddaughter out of her bedroom and into a nest on the living room floor with us - she is afraid of thunder - loves the lighting.  But now the storms are over and she's back in the bedroom with her smart phone - or more likely she's asleep.

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