Friday, April 24, 2020

Living under Stay at Home Order Part 5

There are days when everything seems relatively normal and there are days when I feel like the entire world has fallen apart and nothing will ever be normal again.  I usually recover from that fairly quickly.  But I haven's been out to do my regular things - quilt clubs, aerobics, Quilt shop hops, lunch with my granddaughter and friends, quilt shows, church, Bible Study all the things that gave my live routine.  Now I have trouble remembering what day it is and even what time it is.  That is the hardest part is the lack of the usual routine.

I am managing  the last few days have been really nice and we did get all the yard work caught up, and also got both decks scrubbed down.  Yesterday we went for a walk down to the creek.  I was surprised that I could easily walk that far.  Since my knee surgery I have had trouble walking distances - but I guess cleaning the yard and scrubbing decks helps!!  I did find some wonderful flowers while I was out. 

The Violets brought back so many memories from when I was a girl.  We lived in an very rural setting and there were woods behind our house.  Every spring the floor of the wooded hillside looked like this.  I would spend hours picking violets and brought home large bouquets to my Mom.  Those were really good memories.

Another sure sign that the world is continuing to move forward are these gorgeous Daffodils from my neighbor's yard - actually they were closer to the ditch by the road - but it doesn't make them any less beautiful and  sign of hope.

I never saw Virginia Bluebells until I moved here - and I used to live a lot closer to Virginia than I do now!!  I think it's just a name.  I love the fact that the buds are pink - a beautiful shade of deep rose pink, but when they bloom they are this lovely blue.  I haven't seen any bluebells for a few years, but the entire hillside was covered yesterday when we walked by the creek. 

I'm still working on my quilting projects, Hue is coming along - I have the center medallion about half quilted and I am finished with the National Day blocks for April - not photographed yet but I will get around to it soon. 

Made more note cards, most of these ones have been sent out also,  want to get a couple more make and then I will have to order some more card bases as I only have about 3 more.  I'll work up an order - there are other things I'll be needing but nothing really urgent.  We are actually hanging in there fairly well.  Hubby does the shopping for groceries - I don't go anywhere - I'm at a much higher risk than he is although his risk factor is up there, but he's being careful and we are trying to eat well and take care of ourselves.  The Governor just put us on Lock Down for an additional 30 days - until the end of May. 

Talked to my daughter yesterday and we decided to hold a huge family Birthday/Anniversary/graduation/Mother's Day/Easter/and possibly 4th of July party when this is all over.  Since this started and before it ends (if it ends on May 30) we have 5 birthdays, 2 anniversaries and 1 graduation in the family.  One of those birthdays is a most important 1st birthday!! 


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