Authors beginning with G

Deborah Garner

Cranberry Bluff

Julie Garwood

Sweet Talk

Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love

A Murder for the Books

Margaret Grace

Miniature Mysteries
Murder in Miniature
Mayhem in Miniature
Malice in Miniature
Mourning in Miniature

Monster in Miniature

Kerry Greenwood

Cocaine Blues

Gallager Grey

Partners in crime.

Sara Gruen

At the Water's Edge
Water for Elephants

Sally Goldenbaum

A Holiday Yarn
A Patchwork of Clues
Death by Cashmere
Bias for Murder

Olivia Goldsmith

First Wives ClubSwitcheroo

Celina Geace


Patrice Greenwood

A Fatal Twist of Lemon

Suzanna Gregory

1)A Plague on both your Houses
2)An Unholy Alliance
3)A Bone of Contention
4)A Deadly Brew
5)A Wicked Deed
6)A Masterly Murder
7)An Order for Death
8)A Summer of Discontent
9)A Killer in Winter
10)The Hand of Justice
11)The Mark of a Murderer
12)The Tarnished Chalice
13)To Kill or Cure
14)The Devil's Disciples
15)The Killer of Pilgrims
16)Vein of Deceit 
17)Mystery in the Minster

John Grisham

Pelican Brief
Playing for Pizza
The Last Juror
The Summons
Skipping Christmas
The Street Lawyer
The Runaway Jury
The Client

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