Completed Projects for 2020

Completed Projects for 2020

I started it several years ago. I got all the pieces cut and then other things became more urgent. Then at the time of the last Polar Vortex I couldn't work in my sewing room because it was WAY too cold so I brought my machine and this box of pieces and sat at the dining room table and pieced it all together. I hand quilted it and actually finished it last October - Working on it during the pandemic. I guess you could call this my crisis quilt. Anyway it is entitled Labyrinth. I was really surprised when the 3 dentitional aspect of the quilt actually showed up. It will probably be going to one of my family members.

Angel Wall Hanging  I needed a small wall hanging for Christmas to go beside the front door.  I found this Paper Piecing Angel and thought she was perfect.  Made her in early December 2020. 

National Day Blocks
Kitten Day
Paper Bay Day
Lollipop Day
Pennsylvania Day

National Day Quilt
Sister's Day
PB&J Day
Reader's Day
Clown Day

Getting to know Hue - a Block of the Month I completed in August 2020

Noah's Ark Baby Quilt.  I found this when I was searching for things to work on back in the spring.  Don't know where it came from but I found fabric that matched perfectly and then my Nephew is having a baby so it went to him this fall.  Completed April 2020

Circles of life quilt, quilted and bound.  This is going to no one but me.  They can fight over it at my funeral!!  Completed September 2020

When we first were Quarantined back in March, my favorite Quilt Shop had a contest - you got a fat quarter of fabric and had to make a quilted piece at least 36" on a side and they would be judged on in July at their big sale - we were supposed to be all over the Pandemic by then.  Oh Well  that didn't happen - but I did win first place with this entry entitled Spring Flight - Completed in May 2020. 

National Day Blocks from July
National Teddy Bear Picnic Day
National Yellow Pig Day
National Thread the Needle Day
Independence Day

National Day Blocks - June 2020
National Train Day
National Egg Day
National Donald Duck Day
National Camera Day

Hearts and Flowers - A 10 year old UFO that was completed in July 2020
It was from a Thimbleberry club I belonged to before they stopped producing that line of fabric.

I'm really into Sunshine (of which we've seen very little this spring) Rainbow's and Hearts - all symbols of hope.  This is a little mug rug to put beside my chair to remind me that it takes sunshine at the end of the storm to bring the Rainbow and God's Promise to all of us to care for and offer us salvation.  Completed May 10, 2020

Quilted Greeting Cards  I seem to be on a Heart Kick lately.

My second Quilt of Valor completed in July of 2020.  

National Day Blocks
National Gone Fishing Day June 18
National Red Rose Day June 12
National Sewing Machine Day June 13
Flag Day June 14

Spring Birdhouse Mini Quilt  This was just a fun project I found on the Bernina Blog and decided to make to hang beside the door for Spring.  Completed in May 2020

Circles of Life Quilt top  This spent 10 years in the UFO corner until This Quarantine hit and I've been scraping for projects.  I pulled it out - I had just started the checkerboard border when I tossed it in the corner.  Completed the rest of it June 7th, 2020.  Still need to Quilt it, but this in itself is an accomplishment. 

This is another of my paper-pieced cards - this one for my brother for his birthday. 
Completed June 7, 2020

This is my Quarantine Door hanging entitled Hope.  So many People in my neighborhood have put up colored hearts on their windows and doors as a sign of hope for their neighbors and for appreciation to the front line workers.  I didn't have any colored paper and I haven't been to the store in 9 weeks.  I decided to think outside the box and inside my fabric stash and came up with this.  It was completed and hung on May 17, 2020.

These are some Mug Rugs I made for my daughter when she said her family loved the ones I made for Christmas in 2018 and needed more.  I love making them and sometimes I even design my own.

Paper Pieced Greeting cards - some are just hello cards some are thank you cards and others are birthday and anniversary Cards.  With the Stay at home order I have time to make them.

This Chevron Quilt was started about 7 years ago after a trip to Missouri Star Quilt Company  I wanted to make a Chevron Quilt so I bought packs of charm squares.  I ran out of charm squares and had to find more but they of course didn't match what I had.  At any rate I finally for it done - including a trip to Paducah to find a similar light to finish.  It was completed March 24, 2020, a Shelter in Place Quilt.

These are Quilted Note Cards I'm making  I wanted to do something special for friends and those who are alone in this time of social distancing and Sheltering in Place.  

Spring Garden is an internet Block of the Month from Quilt Doodle Designs that I started last January (2019)  It is Machine Pieced and Quilted and was completed March 30, 2020.  A Shelter in Place Quilt.  

Flower Pot Quilt - This is a panel that was given to me and sat in my stash for a very long time.  I found the border fabric in my stash after a minor flood from a broken pipe and decided it was time to put it all together.  It will be going to help someone in need.  I completed it on March 10, 2020.

The Turquoise Star Sampler started several years ago as a block of the month.  I chose the star patterns and used some fabric from my stash that I had no idea what else to do with.  It was finally finished in February.

This is the March wall hanging for my series titled Silhouettes.  It was completed in February 2020 and joins 9 other hangings.  I have two more to finish, April and November.  Hopefully I will get them done this year. 

This is my Purple Irish Chain.  It's a modified chain but I wanted something different.  I started it as a Stash-buster challenge for my Quilt Guild about 10 years ago.  Found it partially hand quilted a few months back when I was cleaning out the bedroom.  Decided it was time to finish it.  The remainder of the quilting was done on my domestic machine.  It was finished in February 2020.

Quilts that are gifted frequently are placed in a pillowcase for many reasons  These are two cases that I completed for two of the quilts that I am gifting to others.  These are from February 2020.

This is my ballerina quilt - it started life as my friend teaching my how to do a bargello quilt - didn't really learn how to do a bargello, but I did make the background for this quilt - added the appliqued ballerinas and completed a child's quilt.  Finished it in early February and will be donating it to Love Quilts. 

    This Quilt is titled Autumn Stars.  It was a projects from my Thursday Quilt Club and was completed in January  It is quilted in my personal quilt as you go method on the machine.  

Freedom Bound was a Block of the Month that I started about 4 years ago.  Life got a bit complicated but I finally finished the quilt in January 2020.  It is Machine Pieced and Hand Quilted.

My first Quilt of Valor was completed in January 2020.  It will be going to a family member soon.  The quilt pattern is called Northern Star and is Machine Pieced and Machine Quilted.

I'd always wanted a tea cozy so I discovered that January was National Tea Month so I found a pattern and dug out some teapot fabric that had been hiding in my stash and created the cozy, two mug rugs and a table runner for my next tea party - or is that my first tea party!

Log Cabin Pincushion - Needed another pincushion by the other sewing machine and this seemed like the perfect project.  Completed on January 20, 2020.

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