Projects completed in 2015

Quilting and craft projects for 2015

A birdie Mug Rug I designed and made for an exchange on February 28, 2015

Sunbonnet Sue Welcomes Spring - This is from Sunbonnet Sue Through the year.  I didn't like the March one - so this is basically my own design.  It was completed  March 9, 2015.

Storm at Sea Quilt - This was started when the mirror tiles began falling off the 12 foot high wall  in my entryway.  By the time we got all the tiles down, along with framework and patched and painted the wall - the rest of the entryway and stairs looked pretty dilapidated - so it nearly all ended up being re done.  The quilt hangs in prominence on the 12 foot wall.  I completed it February, 2015 and is entirely hand quilted.

Card Tricks came into being when my niece wanted something different to hang over her bed in her new house - she didn't want me to have to buy new fabric but to use some of my stash and she preferred Autumn Colors - so this is what I came up with.  It is Machine Pieced and Hand Quilted.  I finished it on June 21, 2015
SunBonnet Sue Dances the MayPole.  It was completed May 3, 2015
Independence Day Sunbonnet Sue, Completed June, 2015

Lovely in Lavender Was a block of the month I started about 3 years earlier.  I loved the colors and was excited to do the quilt.  It is Machine Pieced and Hand quilted.  It was gifted as a Birthday Gift to my lovely
Daughter-in-Law, and was Completed July 2015.

SunBonnet Sue at the Beach for August.  It is Machine quilted and pieced/appliqued and was completed  August 2015

Boo SunBonnet Sue - for October - this was machine pieced and machine quilted and was completed in October 2016

Cafe Au Lait - This is a wall hanging made for my daughter as she simply loves the ambiance of the old fashioned Coffee Shops.  It is Machine Pieced and Machine Quilted .  Completed August, 2015 

100 Years of Grace
My Friend Merrie and I created this quilt for our churches 100th Anniversary.  It is all done in the liturgical colors of the church year.  It includes pictures of the church and it's pastors through the years.  Brad organized all the photographs and printed them out.  It is Machine Quilted and pieced and was completed the end of December 2015.  It will hang in the church for the entire year of 2016

SunBonnet Sue for Christmas.  Again it is Machine Pieced and Quilted and was completed in Early December 2015

Lone Star Strip - This quilt was made as a gift for my Brother-in-Law.  He was in a serious Motorcycle Accident back in April and was laid up for quite a while.  I sent him this to help him feel better.  It is a quilt as you go process and then I added the star.  It was completed in April 2015

Friendly Scarecrow.
This was a panel that I fell in love with.  I added a border and then did diagonal quilting all the way through.  It was completed September 2015 and hung on the hallway wall for the Autumn Season.

SunBonnet Sue back to School - This is machine worked throughout and was completed in August 2015

SunBonnet Sue - Over the River and Through the Woods.  It is also machine pieced and machine Quilted and was completed in October 2015

Church Charity Quilt.  This is not a finished Quilt - just a top that the ladies will finish for Lutheran World Relief.  I'm hoping to do 4 of them this year.

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