Projects Completed in 2018

Last year fell apart on me after June - Since I've been feeling better this year I hope to get a lot more of my projects completed.

December Silhouette Wall Hanging

Fold and Stitch Christmas Wreath

Crocheted Bath Scrubbers

I've gone a little nuts with making Mug Rugs this year - I love designing these little gems and my family and friends seem to enjoy them. 

Card Trick Mug Rug

Mug Rug for the family computer wiz

Mug Rug for the family fisherman

Mug rugs for the family equestrians

Mug Rugs for the family hunters

Mug Rug for the family Artist

Mug Rug for my BFF Quilting Buddy

Mug Rug for my Son the Trucker

Butterfly Mug Rug

Cross Mug Rug

Dresden Mug Rug

Music Lover Mug Rug

Keyboard Mug Rug

Rainbow Mug Run

Sunflower Mug Rug

For Teacher Mug Run

Gym Bag - I normally take a water Aerobics class and never ever had enough room in the bag I was using - SO I designed my own - fully vinyl lined with a vinyl drawstring bag.  Made in early Summer of 2018. 

Decorative towels - the top one is made from cotton/linen blend  yardage and the bottom is a store bought towel decorated with a piece of leftover border print. - both were made in the fall of 2018

October Silhouette - one of the series completed in September of 2018

Crocheted basket - made it the Fall of 2018 as a gift basket - have since made 6 more.

Small Draw String Bags.  These started in Late July 2018 when I was planning my eye surgery and needed something to carry eye drops, sun glasses and eye patch in.  The top one was born then.  The second came as the result of a class I taught on how to make them - and now there are several more - they make great gift bags.

String Pieced Trivet - 10 x 15 for larger casserole dishes.
Spring of 2018

July Silhouette - one of the series, completed in June of 2018.

August Silhouette - one of the series, completed in July of 2018 

Stars over the Prairie.  This started out as a block of the month - but as I got into it, I didn't like some of the blocks so I changed them and created by own quilt.  It was finished in the late Spring of 2018.

Pillowcases the top set was for my granddaughter and the bottom set was for our bed.  

I found this pattern kit several years ago on one of my many quilt shop hops  I finally decided when I recovered from my Cancer treatments that it was really time to clear out some of the half completed projects.

Angel Mug Rug I made for a friend

New purse I just finished the end of May 2018.  My old one was getting a little ratty looking.

May Silhouette - a wall hanging from the book called Seasonal Silhouettes 

This quilt is entitled Hugs and Kisses and was machine pieced and hand quilted.  It was a gift for my new Great Nephew

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