Monday, April 22, 2013

More on the flood of 2013

Yesterday hubby and I took a drive out to see what the flood looked like - it was supposed to be cresting - whether it did or not I don't know yet, but it was certainly high enough.  There were places where I had never seen flood water before and roads that I don't ever remember being closed.

Antique mall & Flee Market in Coal Valley

Intersection of 150 and 6 in Moline
Adding more barriers to intersection of 150 & 6
Across from the barricades on Route 6.  
Paddling Home

Road beside Ben Franklin that normally leads to Harold's Landing
Standing in the parking Lot of Ben Franklin looking across Harold's Landing to the Rock River
The last set of pictures were taken standing by the pillars in the foreground.
Another boat for residents along the Rock River who did not move out to higher ground.

Park bench in the river.

view down Ben Butterworth Parkway from the Celebration Belle Parking Lot

No Picnics today

Another shot looking down River Drive From the Parking Lot.

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