Saturday, April 20, 2013

Looking for an Ark

I've decided I need to start gathering up two of everything and then start building that ark. In the last 3 weeks or so we've had something in the neighborhood of 8 - 10 inches of rain, 6 of it coming in 48 hours last week. Our basement is flooded and we have been unable to get anyone out here to do anything about it. The sumps are working overtime and the ball valve gave out yesterday - what a MESS!! All is sort of working again, but we still are waiting for someone to come and give us an estimate on the basement. The mold continues to grow and I am extremely sensitive to it, so I don't sleep particularly well, and I don't feel up to par.

 Told my Granddaughter last night that I was ready to run away and asked if she would like to come with me. I've had to move my quilting studio up to the dining room table so of course I'm not getting nearly as much done. I can't find things, and I just don't have as much room. My fabric and supplies are in plastic crates so they are all fine - but not as accessible as I would like.

The other day I went out and was amazed at the flooding - and the Rock River isn't due to flood until Sunday and I don't know when the Mississippi is due to Crest.

Old Collapsed Barn on the Back Road
The Bridge on Coal Creek at Highway 150 and Indian Bluff Road
The Parking Lot at the Corn Crib Market
The road beside Ben Franklin ahead is the Park for Harrold's Landing and beyond that the Rock River
This is at the edge of the Airport on Highway 150.  ShyShy calls this the little Rock River - there is a small drainage ditch near where the telephone pole is, it is not small anymore
The creek in front of my house is actually a very small creek and is in the background of this shot - the rest is flood into someone's yard.

The sun is actually shining today, but it is very cold out - but believe me, I will take the sunshine no matter what the temperature!!

March Book List:
Flood Tide by Clive Cussler 
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree by Joyce and Jim Lavene
Ghost in Trouble by Carolyn Hart 
The Sixth Man by David Baldacci 
Whose Death is it Anyway? By Elizabeth Daniels Squire
The Chase by Clive Cussler
Threadbare by Monica Ferris
While my Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo

I'm still on my Clive Cussler Marathon - and a new Hero in Isaac Bell.  Set in the turn of the 1900's it is a really good and interesting read - and of course Clive Cussler made a Cameo appearance!  Anne Canadeo is a new author to my list - I enjoyed the book and plan on reading the next.  The format is very similar to Maggie Shefton's knitting series so I will have to watch it.  Carolyn Hart's Ghost series is a lot of fun and I love Elizabeth Daniels Squire Peaches Dann who can't seem to stay out of trouble.  Monica Ferris always come forth with a winner and I've enjoyed the second outting with Joyce and Jim Lavene's series on Botanist Peggy Lee.  David Baldacci is always a winner in my accounting - always fast paced and he keeps you going from beginning to end.  There is a new TV series coming out in June based on his characters, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell - looking forward to watching it.

Hopefully tomorrow or Monday I will have some quilt blocks to post.

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laddie said...

thank goodness we are up high and so far the ground around us is still absorbing the water. so no wet basement. Enjoyed the pictures. Have seen most of those places within the past 24 hours. Tomorrow will be worse!