Friday, November 11, 2016

Northern Illinois Shop Hop

Spent the last three days doing the Northern Illinois Shop Hop.  There were 15 shops - spread from Rock Falls, Il to Orangeville, Il to Clare, IL and down to La Salle, IL.  It was a lot of driving but we found so many really neat things, so some towns and roads we had never been to before and generally had a great time.  My passport is ready to be sent in today so maybe I will win something and maybe I won't but it was worth the time.  I'm not so sure my husband would say that as he was left here to fend for himself for three days - oh well he should be used to that by now.

We were responsible citizens and did vote - early voting a couple of weeks ago to make sure we got it in as we had to leave at 7 AM on Tuesday to get to where we needed to be, and we didn't get home until after the polls closed.  Very grateful for the lovely weather we had - no rain or snow - there was a little wind, but not bad enough to stop anything.

I think I'm taking tomorrow off.  Going to do a little sewing, bake some dinner rolls for the Church Harvest Dinner on Sunday and just chill with a new book I'm reading - A Summer of Discontent by Susanna Gregory - so far it is good.  Set in 1354 Ely in England.  I truly love Medieval fiction.

I am working on Christmas gifts for family and some friends - so that has been on my agenda for several weeks and I'm making good progress.  I found nearly everything I needed to finish all of the projects while on the shop hop - so now I just need to settle down and do it.

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