Friday, April 23, 2021

Bible Sampler Quilt Block 32

 Block 32 of the Bible Sampler Quilt is titled Conquering Jericho from Joshua 6:1-5 & 20.  It tells of God's instructions which they carried out perfectly and how they took Jericho without using one of their weapons and saved Rahab and her family.  But you need to read it to get the entire story.

 The block name is Ruins of Jericho and once I calculated how big the squares had to be, it went together fairly easily.  HST, a square in a square and some strips.  

I completed a couple other small projects this week - 

This is a mug rug and designed for my daughter to include in her Birthday Gift - I really liked the way it turned out.  

I seem to be back into Rainbows again this spring.  This is a door/wall hanging with your storm cloud with a bright lining.  I love rainbows and they symbolize hope and renewal along with butterflies!!  This went to my Granddaughter as she moved into her first apartment.


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