Thursday, January 31, 2019

Polar Vortex Part II

It is now official - this morning we broke the all time record low - not just for January 31, but as far back as the records go.  The old record for our area was -28 set February 3, 1996.  The new record is -33 set this morning.  I remember the old record - I was stringing for a local paper and had an interview that afternoon.  When I went to leave the interview, there was a big red puddle under my brand new Cougar.  The seal on the power steering pump and burst in the cold and I was stuck 5 miles from town.  Because of the intense cold no local tow company was available to get to me before the next day.  Finally the Mercury dealer in Geneseo said he could get it my 5:00 PM  - it was now only about 2:00 PM.  Thankfully the business I was doing the story on was owned by a friend and she agreed to keep the keys and give them to the driver when he came and her business partner - who was leaving then - took me home.  I got the car back about 3 days later and never had any more trouble. Kept it for over 20 year.

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