Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Week 23 Bible Sampler Block

 Well today started off pretty well.  My Back wasn't aching, It wasn't snowing and the temperature was above 0 F.  Then I tried to cook my eggs for breakfast and accidently turned the wrong burner on - that wouldn't have been so bad except there was a plastic coffee container (full of garbage) sitting on that burner.  I walked away to do something else - and guess what - I came back to melted plastic, a kitchen full of smoke and fumes and a disaster to clean up.  Thankfully it hadn't ignited yet - just melted.  Thank goodness for windows that open and stove fans that work and all is well!!  I did get my eggs cooked, my coffee made and my breakfast into me.  Just please don't tell my husband!!

I have completed block 23 of my Bible Sampler Block.  The story for today is entitled Treasures From the Egyptians taken from Exodus 3:8B - 22.  The Lord tells Moses that when the people are ready to leave Egypt they are to ask for gifts from the people, gold, silver fine cloth and clothing.   

The title of this block is Bright Jewel.  I had an interesting time as the pattern is either for paper-piecing or templates.  I don't like templates and while I like paper-piecing it just wasn't what I wanted for this block.  It is  6 1/2" block and the units turn out to be an unusual number so I had to figure all the measurements and put them together.  It actually was fun and not as difficult as I thought - 4 Quarter Square Triangles made into 4 square in a square and sashed with a corner stone.  Was pleased with the result.

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