Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Robin

I am so excited!!!!  No my car is still not repaired - either one - one is now in the shop - the other awaits warmer weather.  No my basement is still damp and there is no way I can move my sewing back down there - the ditches are flooded and now the river is coming up!!  BUT - I saw my first ROBIN today!!  That always means that spring is here and things will get better.  I love Robins!!

First Robin of Spring - March 12, 2013

I saw my first robin
Of springtime today
Out on the lawn
Looking dazed and dismayed
Shivering with cold
On this late winter day
Wondering dismally
If he'd lost his way
Taken a wrong turn
In his long Northern flight
Instead of a left
Mayhap he'd turned to the right
And come to this cold and
Forbidding dark place
Without any warmth of
The sun on its face
The winter's been long
And dreadfully cold
So dear little robin
If I may be so bold
You're most welcome here
As the first sign of spring
With grand celebration
Let all the bells ring
© 2005 KayDee Ward
All Rights Reserved

Maybe now I can get out and do some photowork and enjoy some lovely places.  Of course we have to wait for the rest of the snow to melt and the ground to become less of a bog - but it's coming!!

Yesterday I finished a doll quilt for Quilt Guild.  The quilts are collected and given to needy children in the area at Christmas time.  I decided to practice my machine quilting on it rather than just tie it.
Doll quilt - about 24" Square

Well, I'm back to the sewing machine - and maybe a cup of tea!!  Happy Spring and have a lovely day.

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